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Why are some price quotes more successful than others?

The best offer is the one that exactly addresses the needs of the customer or client. Which is delivered when the client expects it, in the expected value and with the items and services in which the customer is interested in.

Quotes basically do not differ from each other

In addition to basic prerequisites such as item, price, validity, delivery date, etc. they do not contain anything exceptional. So why are some price quotes more successful than others? And especially why not always only the lowest price win? After all, the customer always wants the lowest price. Or not?

Approach is crucial

In addition to the quality of product and delivery dates, which we will consider to be equal for the purposes of this article, what is crucial is the approach. How fast is your company able to deliver the offer? Does it take a week, a day, an hour? How fast can your competition do it? Yes, speed is not everything, but the quality and accuracy of the offer is important. What if the competition has more internal capacity and can therefore serve more potential customers faster? Is your offer understandable and addressable at the same time? It often depends on who prepares it and how much time is devoted to it.

How to win

Irrelevant and slow quotations are a waste of time for the customer and unnecessary costs for the supplier. So how do you combine everything the customer expects without increasing the costs and capacity of the internal team? The answer is automation. Use tools that are cheap and will help make the whole price quotation process more efficient. Don’t waste time on quotes that have no chance of winning, are of poor quality or do not have a chance to succeed in advance because you do not have time right now. Don’t waste your time on clients who need to reach out to competitors just because their procurement requires it. Focus on those who have a real interest.

Use a tool that records all inquiries, generates real quotes based on the items, parameters and logic you define, and choose from potential clients the ones you consider most valuable. Evaluate the success of your quotes and track your entire business process even after you submit an offer.

For a few euros a month, you can suddenly send out hundreds of offers every month, week or day without having to hire extra people. All you have to do is configure the template once to meet the requirements of your pricing, or integrate the pricing calculator directly into your website.

Bonus: There is a high probability that the number of offers created directly by customers will be much higher than before due to the automation of their creation. You give them flexibility, personalization and speed like no other. And that is a major competitive advantage.

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