One of the basic concepts that plays a key role in the preparation and successful closing of deals is sales preparation, also known as Pre-Sales. The Pre-Sales team or individuals are responsible for preparing documents for the sales department in the form of price estimates and quotation documents.Their task is to obtain and collect internal and market information necessary to prepare competitive offers that meet the customer’s requirements.

What is sales preparation (Pre-Sales)?

Sales preparation, also known as Pre-Sales, is an important step on the way to successful closing of deals. The team or individuals responsible for Pre-Sales actively participate in the preparation of documents and information necessary for the trade department to process price estimates and quote documents for customers

Their main roles and responsibilities include:

  1. Information Collection: Pre-Sales teams collect internal information from various company departments such as production, finance, marketing and customer support. They also monitor and analyze market and competitive information in order to be well informed about the current market situation.
  2. Preparation of price estimates: Based on the information obtained, they prepare price estimates that determine the estimated price of the products or services offered by the company.
  3. Creating quotation documents: Based on price estimates, they prepare the documents and documentation necessary for the trade department to create final price offers for customers.
  4. Cooperation with merchants: Pre-Sales teams work closely with the sales department and provide them with the necessary background and information to support successful closing of deals.

The importance of sales preparation for success in the B2B segment

Sales preparation (Pre-Sales) is a key part of successful sales, especially in the B2B segment, where business transactions are often complex and require thorough preparation. Correct and effective sales preparation plays an important role in gaining customer trust, demonstrating the company’s competence and competitiveness.

Pre-Sales teams ensure that the price and offer are well thought out and adapted to the needs of customers. Their gathering and analysis of market and competitive information helps them identify company strengths and advantages and enables them to approach customers to offer the solution that best meets their requirements.

Pre-Sales is an important process in the sales cycle of any company, especially in the B2B segment. The team or individuals responsible for Pre-Sales are in charge of collecting and processing the information necessary for the sales department to create price estimates and quotation documents. Their work ensures that the price and the offer are well thought out and adapted to the needs of the customers. Sales preparation is a key part of successfully closing deals and achieving company growth.