You may have come across terms that you did not understand. In order not to get lost in this issue, we have prepared a list of the most important terms for you.



It can be an automation of business processes, individual tasks, production or any other parts of the company. Automation is most often associated with the simplification and so-called automation of repetitive processes and activities within. The company thus saves time, costs and uses the added value of human capital more efficiently where necessary.


Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

The CPQ system allows sales teams to generate prices more accurately and quickly for products and services related to their business. It is a specific price quote and price estimate software that does this faster, more efficiently, more accurately, with minimal error rate compared to the manual process. It eliminates rework and increases the chances of closing commercial offers faster thanks to the speed of delivery and accuracy. Bondly is such an application

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is software that a company can buy, rent or develop. It monitors the life cycle of the customer or deal from the first contact to the closed deal. It contains the contact details of the customer, the types and values ​​of sales and the stages of this process. It may (but may not) include communication with customers and other modules. Simple and functional CRM also includes Bondly in its lead management.


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPIs are top-level quantifiable metrics and goals that help business owners or teams across larger companies monitor the progress, performance, and success of a business strategy. They help them focus on what is important and monitor this performance regularly. KPIs are specific to each company and business sector and can be defined for trade, marketing, production and other areas.



A lead or a potential client is a customer who may be an individual or a company and who has also left his contact information in order to obtain additional information about your service, product or company. This is at least one contact information, such as an email address or phone number associated with the customer’s name, business name, or other details. This is a potential customer who has already heard about your company, mostly from marketing communication (e.g. he was affected by online advertising). It is a product of lead generation.

Lead generation

The marketing process to obtain business contacts for further processing within the company, usually to make a deal or for pre-sales purposes to make a new business with a client. These activities consist of classic marketing mix, and the output should be relevant contact transferred to the company’s Sales department.


Order (Order form)

A simple or complex form / document used to order goods. It specifies the basic parameters of product and service delivery, such as delivery date and form, type of goods and services, form and date of payment, or other parameters important for a particular type of business.



The team or individuals that are responsible for preparing documents for the Sales department in the form of price estimates and quotation documents. They collect internal and market information to prepare offers so that they are competitive and they meet customer requirements. They work closely with salesmen. They are present mainly in large companies and in the B2B (business-to-business) segment.

Price Calculator

It is a simple tool, often associated with a product configurator, that calculates the final amount for a service or goods based on customer input and vendor-defined logic. You can compile such a calculator with Bondly for any type of product or service.

Price estimate

The price estimate is a “baby price quote” and is a non-binding offer made on the basis of a qualified estimate of the client’s needs. The price estimate can also be made with incomplete input information from the client to determine the suitability of the product or service for the client who requested it. The Sales representative is responsible for it, in the case of larger departments the so-called Pre-Sales department, which processes these estimates and distributes them to customers.

Price quote

A quotation is a final document of a fixed price proposal (including variable items) for a product or service. It is usually delivered to the customer (company or individual) upon request. It is created by a sales representative, ideally tailored to each client

Product configurator

The product configurator can be as simple or as complex type of application / software as the company needs. It allows customers to choose product / service parameters according to their needs, but only within the options offered by the supplier. It allows clients to get an idea of ​​the possibilities or the price. In the case of high-quality configurators with up to date information, it can also be directly ordered exactly based on these specs. Bondly also allows you to create the product configurator.


Qualified lead

A qualified lead (potential client) is a business contact who has gone through the initial screening, has expressed an interest in the service and / or meets other business-defined parameters. He already may take steps for a potentially successful conclusion of a future business. These criteria are defined by each company and product individually. Mostly Marketing and Sales are responsible for its definition. Subsequently, Marketing, for its generation and Business for closing the deal. This qualified lead can be evaluated by any internal evaluation scheme, e.g. from 1 to 100, where 100 is the highest probability of closing a deal showing high interest of a potential client.


Request for Proposal (RFP)

It is a document in which the customer or client asks potential suppliers to submit price offers and at the same time specifies the type, scope and other details of the product, goods or required service. It is part of larger complex projects, in which the creation of offers is time-consuming and costly. At the same time, it is a form of cost saving on the client’s side, as it defines the same delivery conditions for all suppliers and thus the client can choose the cheapest offer on the market while adhering to the input specification.


Sales representative

Sales representatives work directly for the company and have the task of selling a product or service. They are the primary contact with the customer throughout the sales cycle. They can prepare quotations tailored to customers, they should know their needs, their industry and competitors. They are directly responsible for generating the company’s turnover if the company sells through this channel and is not a B2C business like ecommerce.